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September 11
I'm facinated by most of the documentaries surrounding the events of Sept 11, especially the story on Jim Waley's Sunday program last week where they followed the story of the President's morning as he tried to make sense of what was happening, and Channel Nine's doco last night following NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani and how he handled the crisis.

I also like the reflection on the thousands of lives lost, showing the very human side of the incident. People standing on the streets at Ground Zero, holding aloft pictures of their lost loved ones. It hurts to see these images, and hear wives talk of their lost firefigting husbands, but I think it really does help reinforce the scope of what really happened, especially when we live so far away. When all we see is television images of the collapsing towers, its sometimes hard to imagine the horror of the events of one year ago.

What I dont approve of is tonights re-enactmant/fabrication of Flight 93's take-over and descent. It violently and unnecessarily tries to show what was going on inside the 4th hijacked plane before it went down and serves nothing but to further twist the knife for family and friends of the victims.

It reaks of martyrdom, and while it's nice to believe that these people fought valiantly aganst their captors, it hasn't convinced me that they weren't just passengers who were on the wrong plane at the wrong time, and that it was their efforts that caused the crash. If you were in a position of military power, and two of your country's most prominent landmarks have just been demolished or severely damaged in a terrorist attack, and a fourth hijacked plane has veered off-course, headed towards the President's military base, what would your course of action be?

Anyway, these are just my thoughts and hold no real value in the general scheme of things, so it's your own perogative if you choose to disagree with me or support me, just dont forget what happened.
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