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What the hell just happened?

I just found myself watching an episode of Ally McBeal tonight. Yes, dear friends, as strange as this concept sounds, what happened next is even stranger. I found myself enjoying it. I enjoyed the wacky daydreaming. I enjoyed the touching messages. I enjoyed the awkward situations. Jon Bon Jovi as token love interest? Not so enjoyable, but still adequate.

At the end of the episode, right after I checked that I actually still had testicles (yep, everything's still there, ladies), I felt myself looking forward to the next one. Is this normal? Are there other guys that enjoy this estrogen-soaked show? I mean apart from Braden, because hey, he watches the Gilmour Girls.

Posted by a very manly MadDog on Monday November 4, 2002 at 11 PM - (0 comments)


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