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Chrono Cross
I'm playing Chrono Cross on the Playstation at the moment, and it is one kick-ass RPG... in fact, I would go as far as to say that it kicks ass! I've clocked up about 35 hours so far, and I'm just on the 2nd CD now. It's even got a few eye-opening theories on evolution, not wholly unlike Xenogears' views on God. Check it out:

"The life forms on this planet developed from single-celled microorganisms to protozoans, then from fish to amphibians, from reptiles to mammals and eventually to humans. Beginning with a cerebal neocortex, which only exists in higher mammals, the anthropod brain enlarged at an accelarated pace until it became the human brain we know. Could the reason for the abnormal development of the human brain be the biological contamination caused by Lavos (an alien meteor, fallen to earth in prehistoric times wiping out dinosaur life)? That would mean that humans are really a heterogeneous life-form, or "foreign matter", as far as the planet is concerned. Humans are a sudden mutation caused by the contact with Lavos -- an alien life form that fell to this planet from space. That is why humans are, biologically speaking, unbalanced and half-finished. Internally inconsistant and disconnected, the human existence is plagued by contradictions. An incomplete species, torn between love and hatred, who's very being is self-contradictory. From the planet's viewpoint,humans are just destroyers and a cursed, yet perhaps pathetic, blight on the world"
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