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Sorry for the delays in the updates. Here's whats new:

  • Output: See what I got up to on Xmas Eve. I know its late, but as you can see there's still a few more pages to do before I get caught up to the present.
  • That weird little quote you might have seen at the left about the goldfish was only intended as temporary filler space until I got the random quote generator going. Well now you should see a different quote everytime this page is reloaded. Thanks go to Noel for his help. I'll learn perl properly yet!
  • Also the pic of my eyeball at the left above the quote was starting to freak a few people out, so it is also randomly chosen with each new page reload. There are 5 possible pics so far with more to come. Who knows... you may even see your face there one day! (or maybe not)
  • Finally, I have set up a mailing list to infom you when this site is updated. If you would like to be informed of when this site gets some new stuff on it, fill in the box below and submit it. Theres also an impromptu poll which you may submit at the same time by clicking the drop-down menu. The results will be released as soon as I get enough votes, so get clickin'!
Mailing list removed due to lack of interest (mainly mine)

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