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AAHH! Real monsters!
I had to make a mad nude dash to the back yard this morning to get my work shirt off the line. I got inside and when I put it on I felt something crispy inside one of the sleeves. I thought that it would be some grass clippings or something, as I had just mown the lawn yesterday, but when I shook out the sleeve, out came the top half of a huge dead spider carcass! And that's the half with the legs and the bitey bits! Scared the living bejesus outta me! I frantically lept around shaking out the shirt trying to find the abdomen part, but it must still be out in the garden somewhere.

Well that's my excitement for the week. I freakin' hate spiders, even dead semi-spiders.
Posted by a very jumpy MadDog on Monday November 20, 2000 at 11:19 AM - (0 comments)


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