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Generic Update: Good for everyday use

Here's what's been hippity-hop-happening with me lately, just in case you were interested.

After having my MP3 player stolen from my car, and collecting the resulting insurance cheque, I've splurged out a bit of extra dough and treated myself to one of these little beauties. The IRiver IMP-250 is about 20 times better than the turdpile that came before it. It plays WMA and ASF as well as MP3, it runs over 15 hours on one pair of AA nickel metal hydride rechargable batteries (included), its got a kick-ass little backlit EL screen on the unit as well as a smaller versio on the remote control so you can see and choose the songs easily, which is also helpe by the simple song navigation system. I know that there are higher models, like the SlimX, but I really wanted the LCD display goodness that this offered. Highly recommended.

Sphagnum rocked Euroa Wool Week on Sunday. It may have been just a small pro-bono gig with only one set, but the sound was set up nicely, the drums and vocals were crisp and we played well, getting some good feedback.

Music that's rocking my internals at the moment: Our Lady Peace - Gravity, Avril Lavigne - Let Go, The cast of Buffy - Once More With Feeling, John Mayer - Room for Squares, Bodyjar - Plastic Skies.

Umm... I think that's about it.

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