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OzChat Dumbasses
Being part of OzChat's Admin Team we get some strange emails from some strange people on some strange topics so I thought I'd share with you my top 3 emails and Hatch's responses. Enjoy.

Dumbass #1
I am looking for the chocolate math formula that ends with the number I chose and my age in the last 2 digits.
Can you help?

G'day Melissa,
I'm sorry, this is a web chat and chocolate maths isn't something we provide as a service. I would love to provide chocolate, but maybe not the maths part, as that is a tad strange for me. I'm sorry though, we don't have any chocolate, but if you can provide some chocolate to me on the other hand, I would be very grateful. *grin*



Dumbass #2
Sent: Friday, October 20, 2000 7:50 AM
Subject: Re: unscribe
--ozchat server automated response center--

This is an automated message. To unsubscribe correctly, you must send a
blank email in with OZCHATS ROCKS WITH THE BEST OF THEM in the subject line.

Thankyou customer
server number 69

data close....

Dumbass #3
i am interested in contacting bisexual men who are in good shape,
i have been traaining seriously for 10 years.
i am told my upper body is in competition condition. lets talk
Your search for bisexual muscle men will have to continue, there are no such people of that description here I'm sorry.
I haven't been training for 10 years, and I'm not serious, and my upper body is in rather poor shape indeed, so I can't help you either, oh, and I'm not bisexual.
Good luck in your quest for the holy grail of bisexual muscle men.

Posted by a very bemused MadDog on Wednesday December 6, 2000 at 3:42 PM - (0 comments)


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