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Hooray for drunken dudes!
Last Friday night was the best night out I've had for a long time. This post is a bit late, but I've had other things on my mind lately. I met Braden at Flannigans at 9:00pm (after he told me to meet him at 8:30pm, slack bastard :o) and another mate Murl came a little bit later on. Anyway, we'd noticed this odd-looking drunken fellow wandering around the pub. He'd walk up to a table, hover around for a bit, then move on. But then he came to our booth and started talking to Braden. I dont know exactly what it is, but Braden must just seem approachable to drunken people. He was talking to Braden for a bit while me and Murl looked at each other as if to say "Just piss off fella. Can't you see we're trying to talk here?". But Braden was having a ball, talking to this guy and generally taking the piss out of him in a way that a drunken guy wouldn't notice.

He had disappeared for a while and we were about to piss off on him but someone was off having a slash, so we had to wait. When we were all together again, we were going to leave, but then the dude showed up again, this time with an armful of beers. Then it was different. We thought "Hey, this guy's not too bad afterall!" and sat back down.

The guy's name is Gary and he told us of his many adventures of being an interstate truck driver and part time builder. Topics of conversation varied from "some poor bastard getting squashed by a big fuckin' truck" to "Tha bloody missus wants me to give up the piss, but fuck that!". It generally made the night more interesting, but the time came when Gary's unique slant on life became somewhat stale and we decided to move on.

We told Gary that we were going to go gome, then I took a couple of photos before we left. Of course we didnt go home, but we didn't want him folowing us around for the rest of the night. We then went across the road to the Full House Salloon. Guess who we saw 5 minutes later? Yup. We were like ninja's, hiding in the shadows as not to be seen. We soon got bored of the Saloon and after Murl decided to go home, we headed across to the Aussie. While there, Braden was approached by, yep, you guessed it, a drunken dude who muttered some bizzre unintelligible shit to him, then pissed of somewhere else (thankfully). After the Aussie closed and we were kicked out out, we headed to the Yahoo Bar to chill for a bit. It was a bit dead there so we only stayed for a bit before we went home.

Overall, I had a great night which made me realise that I could still go for a night out drinkin' with da boyz and still have fun.
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