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Ever had one of those days?
I know it's Friday, and I should be bouncy and happy, but something about today is generally giving me the shits. I'm sure it will be over soon. I generally don't like to stay in a crappy mood for too long, it's bad for the soul. I'm working on a site for the Shepp News which is a site for ordering photographs online, and it's a REAL pain in the ass, one-problem-after-another style. These aren't particularly difficult problems to solve, but they just dont seem to end. The shopping cart we're using is the Real Soft Shopping Cart which is just great for your average, run of the mill online stores, but the jobs we get are neither average OR run of the mill... that would make my life too easy, and we can't have that. The weather is hot and muggy, which I loathe. There are too many conversations going on in my office and too many people are asking for my opinion, when all I need to do is concentrate. Healthwise, I'm feeling much better than I have lately, but I'm still very sleepy, even though I'm geting plenty of sleep. My car is on it's last legs. The starter motor is kaputski, giving me a 40% chance of the bloody thing actually starting when I want it to. I've got it booked in for an overdue service on Monday, but that's gonna cost me big... at a time when I'm really trying to save. This weekend I can look forward to a long intensive weeding/mowing/general yard work session, which I'm just SO looking forward to. The only thing that seems to make me feel a little more at ease these days is my new Ice Cream Hands CD (thanks Fi!) and Subway's Chicken Caesar Wraps. Mmmm... speaking of which, it's lunchtime, so I'm off to consume nourishment and leave you all to feel sorry for me. :)
Posted by a very irate MadDog on Friday November 17, 2000 at 12:40 PM - (0 comments)


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