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Well, after a year or so of development time, including 147+ hours of programming from Noel, not to mention my time from making templates, designing, planing, and coordinating the project, OzChat 2 has gone live, leaving the original OzChat in it's dust.

OzChat 2 is a completely templated, database driven, super happy, hyper plus extra extra mega EX revolutionary webchat borne from the ideas and concepts of myself and the other OzChatters.

If you're not already registered, click da damn link and sign yourself up. There are still a few bugs, and the speed will improve when we move the server to a 100Meg ether, but until then it still kicks the aardvarks aass, so enjoy.
Posted by a very famished MadDog on Friday December 15, 2000 at 4:10 PM - (0 comments)


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