I was in a hall with a bunch of people, and I was on this inflatable thing, and Hatch said "Hey! Watch this" and he did something that made the inflatable thing float away, and then it took me up to this high ledge in the hall.

Looking through one of the windows I could see a night footy match being played way off in the distance, but it was like watching TV. It was zooming in and shit.

Then there was this streaker on the fields and she had big tits, then she was taken away, then led past us in the hall. Then Hatch, just being Hatch, decided to go and talk to her.

We ended up in this alley, and Hatch was asking her things like why did what she did, and what she believed in, and where she came from...

... and I kept asking her questions about her genitals.

They were weird looking...

They looked like chicken giblets...

... and they were purple.


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