Top Norgs

Top Norgs

In this dream, me and Gracie lived in this house, and every morning all these people would come around and get ready for work/school whatever...

They would come and brush their teeth, have some breaky and watch cartoons... like a public getting ready place. It was like a ritual which started when we let a few people come over to get ready, then they brought their friends and then they brought theirs... etc.

But one girl came in, went around corner and took her top off and she had these top norgs and Shania Twain's stomach... mmm.. and I said "You can get changed in that room if you like" and she said "Nah. its okay... "

Then she started coming on to me, acting all sexy-like, and I said "No, sorry, I'm alredy with someone, but thanks anyway..."

... ?

What's with that? In any other dream I would have just gone for it! Man that sucked...


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