Time Traveller

Time Traveller

Its funny how sleepng in an unfamiliar environment brings about strange dreams. I had this one while crashing at a friends place in Melbourne the weekend of the Live concert.

There was a time machine...

I think it must have been a community time machine, case there were a lot of people with me, namely Hatch, Gracie, the chick out of Caroline in the City (the one that plays Caroline), and her daughter (I assumed she was anyway. It was a dream. You know how you just know these things? She was about 18) among others. Anyways, this time machine looked like some kind of cargo elevator with knee-high, clear perspex walls, and ran on a "Mr Fusion" style trash-powered generator, as seen on Back to the Future.

We were all going to go back in time with the intent on purchasing real estate at ridiculously cheap prices. As soon as we arrived in the 1950s, Gracie ran out and excitedly tore down the sign on a block of land that was near the center of town screaming "This one's MINE!". As she was quickly attended to by a near-by real estate agent, the rest of us wandered about looking at the various properties for sale.

I walked with Caroline (in the city) for a while, talking about all sorts of things. Finally after a lot of walking, looking at houses and much riveting conversation (which I've unfortunately forgotten... but it was interesting!) I decided to take a break on a deck chair in the sun.

I heard a voice from behind me say "Well, what do you think?".

I didn't turn around, but just said "About what?". Then Caroline's daughter walked around and stood in front of me, COMPLETELY NAKED. Well I just sat there... and get this... she started to PEE on me! I said "Get away from me you freak!", got up and ran inside one of the houses we were just looking at.

I went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. As I hopped under the jets of water, I noticed that when the water hit my left ear, the sound was excruciatingly loud, then on the right ear, I couldn't hear a thing. Weird.

After my shower, we walked back to the time machine, where someone else had obviously been using it, as the Mr Fusion generator had a new attachment which let you charge the power by moving this handle back and forward.

The dream ended there, I think. There may have been more, but that's all I can remember. You know how it is with dreams.


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