I was at a hospital visiting someone (I don't remember who it was) and I left the room with the doctor.

As we was walkiing down the halls of the hospital, other doctors joined our conversation, although I don't think they were real doctors, but actually ER-like television doctors. When we go to the front of the hospital I'd stepped on this black square thing filled with a plastecine type stuff. One of the doctors said "Oops, look what youve done". Then all the doctors shook my hand and said "Well, it was nice to meet you..." and walked away.

It turns out that I was standing with both feet on some kind of bomb, more like a landmine, and if I stepped off it would explode. I spent a few minutes valuating the usefullness of my legs and decided that I should stay put until the bomb squad arrived. I was pretty calm about the whole thing, and after quite a long wait the bomb squad arrived.

I woke up after that.


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