Fletch Follies

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Jedi I'm having a light and breezy bacon and egg mcmuffin!!! It is the breakfast I wait for all week! hooray!!
MadDog lucky you.... I got a redskin! Mmmm.. candy...
Jedi nothing bad can happen to me for the next hour - I'm inmcmuffinable!!!

MadDog Hey! the spicegirls want to link to our site! they sent me a mail! hee hee hee
Jedi are you for real? tell them only "if they wannabe my lover"
MadDog hee hee... yeah I'm for real!.. they want us to link to their merchandising page...how bizzare...

Jedi SPICY SPAM - new flavour available NOW!!!!
MadDog but spams already spiced.... its where it gets its name...! Mmmm.... litttle bizzare playstation characters floating in my head.....
Jedi bobble bubble....

Jedi go past silvy singing the supertramp song - dreamer for me will ya you know "dreamer, you know you are a dreamer" "Put your hands on your head - oh no"
MadDog I may do that.... I may not.... most likley not.... because I havent had my donut....
Jedi Tell silvia that she is looking a little preoccupied today, a little Dreamy and then burst in to song with the cliff richard song "i'm Dreaming, "
MadDog thats just bizzare..... I'd rather have a donut....

MadDog High their, I am communicating to you through speech recognition. I'm not changing this information at all. Pretty wicked hey!
Jedi bit spun out now...
MadDog Yes. I have put Mike debacle way. Whoops! I mean I have put my keyboard away.
Jedi How do you get the exclaimations ??? commands???
MadDog Yes. I say period For a period.... and Exclamation point for an exclamation point. it also accepts other punctuation marks.
Jedi Wow (Exclaimation Point) That is amazing (period period period) sounds like a Shaun Micalef sketch, hey (question mark)

Jedi I just spent fucking 2 hours trying to get the rockford files theme out of a ratio site and I only got half of it before it crashed me out but I got enough to be happy....
MadDog Think about what you just said: "just spent fucking 2 hours trying to get the rockford files theme" you sad individual

MadDog Baugh I'm bob that means bah humbug in speech recognition language.. heheheh

Jedi Yeah suck that cock....
MadDog well that was uncalled for... :oD
Jedi er opps... wrong ICQ recipient
Jedi he he he he he he
Jedi I am the funniest man alive!!!
Jedi you will never icq me after hours again now, will you.... he he he
MadDog No... I shall not.. now I know the ugly truth...
Jedi I was banned in three states...
Jedi I better go home soon.
MadDog good name for a song, that....
Jedi Well I have just spent six months in the leaky boat, and I feel like I have a pineapplehead what ever that means...
MadDog I feel so enlightened!
Jedi I will behave tonight
MadDog hehehe... good....

MadDog yeah.. there was a delegation problem... braden had a look at it this arvo and it should be fixed now
Jedi Ahh, the one that grows incredibly high....

jedi I'm giving Bri the YOU DA MAN speech do you want one too?
MadDog yes please... I really need it...
jedi Don't take No! for an answer. You Da Man baby, your putting this thing together, your the one fighting to world and the client and their fucked ideas that will put this job in the toilet. So you be Da Man, tell em what you think. Fight to not take second best.
MadDog *puffs out chest*
jedi You are a smart guy, Mike. You have been given permission to make things happen. You are your own little Unimedia, If you organise yourself right you can make this your dream job. I need some bucks and happy clients, you need, I don't know??? more bucks??? a challenge??? LETS ROCK!!!!!!!!!
jedi Your the man that stands on the line I cross everyday McCorry! SEIZE THE DAY!!!! YOU DA MAN!!!! SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!! USE THE FORCE! ENGAGE! MAKE IT SO!! I AM THE LAW!!!! (sorry about that one)
MadDog Okay that'll do... Now I just feel sheepish...
jedi k

Jaryd You have reached - Far Kew Answering Service. Main Menu To blow up all computer based answering services PRESS 1 NOW. PRESS 8 to relisten to the Main Menu.

Jaryd goody goody gum drops yummy yummy yummy I've got love in my tummy This is where you now say (insert loud breathing voice) "Now I am the Master..."
MadDog 50%
Jaryd My brain has only two words to say to you "Fish Sticks". And lo, it be so. Fish Sticks, Michael my boy, Fish Sticks. and all who sail in her.
Jaryd What did you get for your play lunch?
MadDog I had no playlunch.. im saving my appitite
Jaryd birth canal sealed paper adverts

Jaryd rogertory good bilby, 2 fore!
MadDog plus four!
Jaryd plus four?
MadDog yes.. those little tatrtan pants that golfers wear....
Jaryd Fear is casting long shadows over golfers pants. Hundreds of people have joined the chorus saying Cover your heavily wooded shins under cover in the lead up to next years PGA

MadDog Jaryd
MadDog ahhh.. *taps the side of ones nose*
Jaryd yep I kajsdg;lsdfg
MadDog taaaaaaaaay een da weeeeeeeeenn
Jaryd porn

Jaryd Purple Maise is strange coloured corn...

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